In Memory

Robyn Bishop (Deceased) 1/11/1982

Robyn Bishop (Deceased) 1/11/1982

Tribute to Robin from her parents, Merlin and June Bishop (2001)

We called Robin our belated gift, for she joined our family 14 years after her sister Sue, and her brother, Ron. She was born in Pocatello, Idaho and attended first grade for a short time, then transferred to a new school when the family moved to Logan, Utah, where she adjusted well.  She attended school there for the next few years where she was an excellent student and where she first learned to love the piano.

When she was 15 years old, we were transferred to Cedar City.  This was a difficult adjustment, leaving old friends and adjusting to a new environment.  This was made easier after she met good friends.  She also became more proficient on the piano and accompanied many singing groups.

Robin was an honor student in addition to her musical talent and upon graduation, she received a scholarship to Utah State University.  She studied under Professor Wasserman for a time and took voice lessons and joined Choral. This gave her an opportunity to tour the East Coast and perform in some of the major cities.  She was also a member of the "A" Company and toured with them to different schools.

In 1979, her interests extended to Theatre and she transferred to Southern Utah University where she graduated in Theatre Arts in 1981.  She never had the opportunity to pursue her dreams.

She was killed returning from Los Angeles on January 11, 1982.  A full scholarship is ongoing at SUU in her honor.