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Boyd Dee Fillerup (Deceased) 8/30/1989 VIEW PROFILE

Boyd Dee Fillerup (Deceased) 8/30/1989

Tribute by Arlan Fillerup.

Body Fillerup was born on December 10, 1957, to T.J. and Ann Fillerup.  He was the second of four children in the Fillerup family.  Body spent his early childhood years in the Salt Lake area.  Later childhood was spent in Bountiful, Utah with the teen years being spent in Southbend, Indiana.  His family moved to Cedar City, in 1974 where Boyd attended Cedar High School, graduating with the "Class of 76".

Boyd's talents were numerous.  He could spike a volleyball and play basketball with amazing skill and accuracy.  He could fix anything and put together anything with ease.  School came easy for Boyd.  He maintained a 4.0 average, receiving only one A- in high school.  This is an amazing accomplishment, if one considers that Boyd studied while listening to music with headphones.  Music was a great source of pleasure for Boyd.  His appreciation and passion for music continued throughout his life.  His Beatles album collection was a source of pride and enjoyment for him.

Boyd was a private person, cautious and sensitive.  He was not a collector of friends.  Instead he developed the art of being a true friend and offering those close to him deep and committed friendship.

He was called to the Paraguay-Urugway Mission in April of 1977.  He served in that mission until April of 1979. This is where he met his wife, Gloria Caballero.  They were married on July 21, 1979.  Together they had two children, Eric and Heather.  They lived in the Salt Lake area where he attended school and worked for Mountain Bell.  He had a great love for his family.  Boyd died at home on August 30, 1989.  We can take comfort when we look at his life in retrospect and know that there is meaning for us in two lines from a song by Boyd's favorite group, the Beatles.

Speaking Words of Wisdom

Let it Be, Let it Be.

Boyd Dee Fillerup - August 30 1989

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