In Memory

Karen Winn (Deceased) 1/26/1975 VIEW PROFILE

Tribute by Sharon Aldred (2001)

It's hard to believe that it been 25 years since we've walked the halls of Cedar High.  

We've lost some special classmates over the years.

Karen was one of the chosen ones to go home early.  She only spent 16 years on the earth but in that short time, she touched many lives.  She was soft-spoken and tender-hearted.  She genuinely loved her family and friends.  She loved life, learning, playing, and helping others.  She especially loved the outdoors.

Even though many years have passed, the memories of her will stay with us forever.  

She taught us many things, most of all that life is precious. 

September 17, 1958 - January 26, 1975

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